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Make Moving Into Your New Apartment A Pleasant Experience With These Simple Tips

by SA Homes, Posted on 23/08/2017

So you’re thinking of buying an apartment in Palakkad – that’s a great decision. Living in a flat offers many benefits and convenience over standalone homes. Moving home can be pretty stressful. But we will tell you how you can make it just not less stressful, but also pleasant.

  • Make sure your new apartment is complete in all respects; check the plumbing for leaks, ensure there’s a fresh coat of paint on the walls, and so on.
  • Give away your old stuff that’s not in great condition; move into a new home minus junk. Donate broken furniture, old clothes, art pieces and appliances that have been used for years. Buy new appliances and furniture that will be delivered to your Palakkad flat by the sellers.
  • Arrange for movers: get professional help in moving all your stuff from your old home to the new one. They will pack all your things, especially the fragile goods properly and make sure your things reach your apartment with the least amount of damage.
  • Get help from friends and family: What are friends for? Rope in close family members and friends to help you set up your apartment. If you have the moving blues, get a couple of them to stay with you or at least keep visiting you daily for the first few days.
  • Seek blessings of the Almighty: Have a small religious ceremony according to your faith, to bless your home and family. You will experience peace of mind.
  • Befriend your neighbours: Take the first steps yourself, and the rest will just happen. Go out and meet your neighbours, invite them in for tea or coffee, and talk to them. You are sure to be brought up to date with happenings in the building, where you get good vegetables and groceries, the best restaurants, doctors and so on in the area. If you don’t mix with your fellow building dwellers, you may get quite lonely.
  • Change your address: Call your utility providers like phone, TV, internet and so on, and inform them of the change of address a week before you move so that they are prepared, and you don’t have to do without your internet and TV for too long. Make sure you leave a forwarding address at your old place and notify all important people (from whom you get mail regularly) about your change of address to avoid problems later.

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