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Palakkad is Growing and Thriving: Know Why

by SA Homes, Posted on 19/07/2017

If you ask anyone about the biggest or most important cities in Kerala, they will probably tell you Kochi, Trivandrum and Kozhikode, and they would be correct; for now. These cities are reaching a saturation point. Overpopulation, ever increasing traffic, pollution, and garbage are slowly making these cities less desirable for families looking for a peaceful and ‘green’ place to settle down.

Welcome to Palakkad – Kerala’s emerging important city. One could argue that it will also soon go the way of the other three, but fortunately there isn’t much chance of that happening in Palakkad. While there is plenty of infrastructure development in the form of new and improved roads, educational institutions, better connectivity with other cities, more and better housing (there are several high-quality apartments in Palakkad available now) and so on, a lot of land in the district is agricultural land, and hence cannot be used for anything else. So Palakkad will retain much of its greenery, while development takes place in other parts of the city.

Palakkad is growing slowly but surely into becoming the next IT hub of Kerala; the presence of numerous institutes for higher education – especially the IIT, is instrumental for this. The Government is also encouraging IT companies and startups with the setup of an IT park which provides office space, power, and other required facilities at reasonable rates. This means that after completing their higher education, fresh graduates have ample scope for procuring decent employment in the same city – they don’t really have to go out of the city or state.

Palakkad has long been known for its rice production; the cuisine is also very famous, influenced as it is to a great extent by the Tamil Brahmin community that settled there hundreds of years ago when they emigrated from neighboring Tamil Nadu. In spite of all the trappings of modernity that one can see in Palakkad, it still retains its rich cultural heritage and old world charm. The city has a tradition of friendly residents who welcome everyone with warmth and affection; new settlers will find it very easy to blend in.

A large number of reputed builders have sensed the immense potential Palakkad has, and are building luxurious flats and villas in anticipation. Good housing is a prerequisite for any city to thrive commercially, and Palakkad boasts some of the best builders in Kerala, like SA Homes.

SA Homes has premium 2 and 3 BHK apartments, situated at some of the best locations in Kalpathy and other areas of Palakkad. Whether you’re looking for rental apartments or for outright purchase, SA Homes apartments are sure to bring a smile to your faces. All the modern amenities you would expect in a world class apartment building can be found here.

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