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Simple Ways To Personalize Your Apartment

by SA Homes, Posted on 09/08/2017

Often apartments have an impersonal look because they are constructed as per a previously decided plan by someone else, and all apartments in a building look the same. If you’re wondering how you can change this, we can give you some ideas. You can add your touch and transform the appearance of your apartment in Palakkad to reflect your personality.

  • Nameplate: You don’t have to use the same old boring brass name plates that everyone else uses; there are many innovative ways you can try now, like mix and match tiny ceramic tiles, painted wooden boards, and so on. Stand out!
  • Color Theme: The exterior is not something you can change, but you can decide on a color theme for the interiors; in fact, why not use colors that are completely different from the ones used outside? You can have separate colors for the living room, bedrooms, and kitchen.
  • Wallpaper: It’s still not as commonly used as paint. Decide on a couple of walls to wallpaper; you can use bright, funky paper for the kid’s room, and something soft and sober for your own.
  • Wall art: Create a ‘Family Wall’; hang framed pictures of family holidays, your children in cute poses and so on – nothing can be more personalized than photographs! Use other walls to hang paintings or other wall art that you and your family particularly like. If you paint or do embroidery, frame your work! Your walls will be unique. You can also hang small bright colored rugs.
  • Integrate your hobby into the apartment: If you’re good at handicrafts, make your creations a part of your Palakkad flat. Fabric painted or knitted table cloths, painted flower pots, papier mache statues – whatever you do, arrange pieces throughout your apartment for a distinctive appearance.
  • Light up: Go hunting for unique light fittings that you’re sure nobody else, or at least not many in your building have. Try lights with dimmers, decorative fans, mood lighting and so on.
  • Create a reading corner: Designate a small area of your living room as a reading corner: place a bookshelf, easy chair or bean bag, and add some soft lighting. You have your own library!
  • Plant it: If you have a balcony, place potted plants – as many as you can. You can buy a wrought-iron stand to create a vertical, horizontal or spread out garden. Plant flowers, and some essentials like curry leaves, mint leaves, and green chilies. You can also have hanging pots either in the balcony or even at the edge of windows.
  • Keep a small table near the door with a tray or bowl to hold keys, loose change and so on; it’s convenient and looks very cozy.
  • Strategically place mirrors in your living area to create an illusion of more space.

Personalizing your apartment may take some work, but it’s sure to be a whole lot of fun too. Get creative and anything is possible!

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