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5 Easy Apartment Decorating Ideas for Summer

by SA Homes, Posted on 02/05/2018

It is that time of the year again, when the sun beats down and the scorching heat sends everyone scurrying for shelter. Yes! Summer is here! The Indian summer is sure a great time for a cool getaway with your family to distant hill stations. But for those of you who are staying in town and staying indoors most of the time, why not revamp your apartment and celebrate sunshine?

With the temperatures soaring, it is about time you renew your apartment decor to suit the glorious sunny weather. And so, the top builders in Palakkad bring you easy yet chic apartment decoration ideas for the summer.

  1. Give your furniture a little makeover. It’s bright and sunny outside, switch out all your heavy winter sofa and cushion covers and use light and neutral tones or you could add a splash of color using bright colorful cushions if you like. Although, using too much of colour could make your room look heavily textured,  using bright shades sparingly could liven up your room.
  2. Freshen your room up with plants. Adding a potted plant or two adds a touch of nature to the room. Make it the centerpiece, and voila! The room feels brand new. A bunch of fresh flowers would also liven up your room. Moreover, certain plants help keep your home naturally cool. Aloe vera, Snake plant, Ficus tree, and ferns are a few that you could use to spruce your apartment and keep your apartment cool and fresh.
  3. Switch out the heavy drapes and use flowy curtains instead. With the winter gone, you no longer need heavy drapery. Use light, flowy curtains for your windows and balcony doors. You could also pair pastel-coloured curtains with sheers. They keep your rooms aerated and cool and also looking classy!
  4. Declutter your apartment. Stow away all the heavy accessories and showpieces instead use natural elements. Materials such as juste, linen, and rope can help bring the outdoors inside. Create your own unique rope wrapped bottles or vases or you could even head out and buy rugs and table runners to add that airy feel to your room.
  5. Add overhead lanterns or a new light element to add a summer glow to your nights. Light fixtures sure can add a lot of cheer apartment. Don’t indulge in heavy lampshades or side lamps, instead use simple and stylish lanterns or string lights to add bring out that bohemian feel.

We’ve given you the ideas. You can take it from here! Go ahead, make them your own and if you’d like to add a few, put them in our comments section. We’d love to hear from you.

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