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5 Things To Consider Before Renting An Apartment

by SA Homes, Posted on 21/03/2018

If you have been considering getting a place for yourself, renting an apartment is a good option. But before you make a lunge for the keys, the leading builders and developers in Palakkad think it is wise to make a list of things you might want to look into before renting an apartment.

We all know that the foundation of your house hunt is your budget. Are you willing to go over the top and spend big bucks on the house that you desire or are going to get a reasonable apartment for an affordable amount? The call is yours! Your search gets easier once you have come to terms with your financial estimates. Make sure you can afford the apartment. If you feel a certain apartment fits your budget, consider the following points before deciding to rent it.

1. Location is key – Have your eyes set on an apartment that fits your budget and your idea of home? The next thing that must come to your mind is LOCATION. Consider a location radius before fixing on your apartment. How close is the closest hospital, means of local transport and local supermarkets? Make sure you are not losing out on your basic amenities while renting the space. Another important aspect to consider is the locality. How good is your neighborhood? It is wise if you also consider the crime rate in the area. Just to be safe!

2. The quality of the apartment – When you are paying for something, you sure want its worth! Always opt for good quality flats. You sure can get budget flats in Palakkad or elsewhere without compromising on quality. Have a good look around the apartment and ensure that the building and the apartment are well maintained. Don’t forget to check the faucets and the plug points. Run a thorough check and make sure the landlord knows about all shortcomings and has them fixed before you move in.

3. What are the utilities that will be provided? – Enquire about the utilities you will have to pay for along with the months’ rent. Is the apartment fully furnished or are you going to have to bring in your own stuff? Do you have round the clock running water? How about the waste disposal facilities in the building? Electricity, air conditioning, and gas supply are a few other utilities among others that you must take note of.

4. Are you sharing the space? Will there be a roommate? Carefully consider your potential roommates. Talk to him/her and learn more about them. After all, you are moving in with a total stranger.

5. Last but not the least, make sure the lease contract is legitimate and fits your needs. It would even better if you could get a local realtor or a lawyer to look into it. Take a note of the details carefully.

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