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5 Smart Tips For Organising A Small Apartment

by SA Homes, Posted on 16/05/2018

Moving into your own space is exciting, be it big or small! After all the house hunting you finally find a place that fits your budget and liking. A small cozy apartment that you can call home! But with limited space comes some serious storage issues. Does the very thought give you jitters? Don’t fret! Small apartments don’t always have to be unkempt and messy.

It’s true! Small apartments can be easily organized and maintained suggest the top property developers in Palakkad. Their expert team of interior decorators is of the opinion that a small apartment calls for creativity. Here are 5 creative ideas they make use of while dealing with limited space.

  1. Don’t have enough storage shelves in your living room? Use the corners to your advantage. Install corner shelves and create extra storage place in the nook. A range of wooden shelves would make a great book storage section or if you have too many trinkets that you simply have to show-off, go ahead! Flaunt them on your corner shelves.
  2. If you are planning on moving in with new furniture for your living room, keep in mind these things- Invest in space savers or multi-purpose convertible pieces. Drop leaf tables, nesting tables make great corner pieces, sofa beds, ottoman that can be used toys or upholstery are a few multipurpose furniture options you could use in the living area at your apartment.
  3. The heart of any home is its kitchen. If you can find a way organizing your cutlery, use a pegboard. Yes, you heard right! Fix a pegboard on a blank wall and lo! Easy storage space appears. Another way of keeping your kitchen organized using minimal space is with a rolling storage pantry between your fridge and the wall. It’s a great place for your spices and condiments. An easy DIY hack that you could make use of; jars with magnetic lids that can be attached to metal shelves.
  4. Moving to the bedrooms, double the space in your wardrobe by hanging multiple clothes on a long chain. Don’t forget the doors! The space behind the doors is a brilliant way of keeping your stuff organized. A few hanging rails or multipurpose coat hooks could help you stow away your everyday items such as ties, scarves, jewelry, coats, umbrella, bags and what not!  The space under the bed is also useful. Make use of rolling bins under the bed to stash away books, magazines, bed linen or clothes. Are you planning to get a new bed that fits your new room? Opt for one that has storage option or you could even go for a Murphy bed!
  5. Organizing your bathroom is easy. Spice racks don’t always have to go in the kitchen. Mount spice racks on your wall and store your toiletries with ease. Create high ceiling shelves to store all the extra towels that you don’t use often. You could also make use of a wall mounted; side flipped laundry basket to store toiletries at your fingertips.

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