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5 Fun Ways Apartment Dwellers Can Celebrate the Rains this Year!

by SA Homes, Posted on 05/09/2018

Rains come as saviors from the scorching heat of summer. The much awaited season is celebrated in different places in different ways. Enjoying the rains with a hot cup of coffee is always the perfect evening. This season also bless us with some of our everlasting memories. Here are some fun ways apartment dwellers can celebrate the rains.

1. Hug your book
As the rains are pouring it may not be always comfortable to go out of your homes. If you are someone who loves to read, it is the perfect time for you. Grab your favourite book, Make a coffee, and find your best spot at home and savor the book. Nothing else can give you the happiness you deserve than the best book.

2. Rainy trips
Reading may not be everyone’s potion. For the traveller in you, monsoons can be both exciting and dormant. The off road trips get a bit risky. But the drives in the rain with your favourite bunch of people and the playlist on is the best thing you can wish for. Make sure that you don’t get drenched with your gadgets.

3. Family time
Transform the season into precious family times. Spend time with your kids, spouse and parents. Organize games or other fun activities. Interact with them and share your life. Be humorous and create an amazing family atmosphere. This is what your kids will cherish for their lifetime as their family memory.

4. Old is Gold
Remember that funny, witty, energetic you? It is a time to bring the old you back. Discover a long lost hobby you loved. Brush it up and start doing it again. Let it be painting, reading, or even instrumental music. This will give you a sense of belonging and happiness.

5. Quench your taste buds
Tasty food is something you can never say no to. Cook something tasty and fresh. Savor it with your loved ones by enjoying the rain. Monsoon can be a season to satisfy your taste buds with tasty and various delicacies.

Let the rains pour down soaking the earth, let it also sooth your mind. As the best apartment builders in Palakkad we suggest the above ideas to make this monsoon a treat for you.

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