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Easy Apartment Decorating Ideas For The New Year

by SA Homes, Posted on

The new year’s begun on a fresh new note, why keep your apartment looking pale? The in-house designers at the top builders in Palakkad, SA homes bring to you, easy apartment decorating ideas for the new year. If it’s the budget you are worried about, don’t be. These stellar decorating ideas go easy on your pocket and you still get to add some more character to your place!

#1 Paint Job
Get a more dramatic paint job that gives your apartment a whole new vibe. If you are living in a rented apartment, do get your landlords permission beforehand! If you aren’t in a position to get the whole apartment painted, try getting only the living area splashed with some bright colours, even a single accentuated wall could do the magic. It’s your call

#2 New Curtains
Indulge in a new set of curtains for your apartment if you can’t get a paint job done. New vibrant curtains can help you block out the sun and add texture and character to your walls.

#3 Mirrors on the wall
Yes, you read that right! We are talking about revamping your home on a budget and mirrors do work magic when it comes to that… Adding a mirror to your wall is a great way to trick the eye into thinking that the room is larger than it really is and makes a great decor ornament too. If you live in a small apartment, a mirror is what you need!

#4 Floor it with wallpapers
Bored of your flooring? An easy solution is temporary wallpapers are a great way to revamp your floors. Find one that is ideal for your space and ta-da! New floors on a budget. It is easy to remove, which is an added bonus!

#5 Floor lighting pieces
And then there was light! Invest in accent floor lighting pieces such as floor lamps and side lamp fixtures that add more drama to your space and of course, light it up! If you live in a rental apartment, these make great light fixtures if the lighting at your place is bad!

#6 Furnishings
Add a dashing colour to your apartment with furniture pieces that are bright and lively! A bright red couch or a blue coffee table etc. Anything that suits your space and draws the eye is an easy redecorating option!

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