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Investing in Palakkad Apartments – Facts To Consider

by SA Homes, Posted on

So you’re looking at Apartments in Palakkad… that’s great! But do you know the things you need to bear in mind when you’re purchasing property? Here is a short but comprehensive guide to buying your dream apartment:

  • Location is absolutely crucial. Palakkad is known as the food bowl of Kerala, and has been a pretty conservative and less developed city, known more for tourism than advancement. However, with the mushrooming of IT companies all over the state, better infrastructure in terms of roads, flyovers and the like, it is fast transforming into a busy, thriving modern city. So city-wise, Palakkad is a great place to buy an apartment. Within the city, you need to make sure that your property is reasonable close to amenities like markets, transportation, healthcare and educational institutions, as well as entertainment like cinema, restaurants and so on; check out how safe the neighbourhood is too.
  • Are you interested in flats in Palakkad solely as an investment or for settling down? Will you be using it yourself, or are you going to give it out on rent? Check what return you are likely to earn on your investment, and whether it’s worthwhile to invest.
  • Research the apartments for sale in Palakkad. Visit the properties physically and compare the facilities being offered by different builders – recreation, security, communication, and so on. Visit earlier apartment buildings of the same builders and ask residents (if possible) how sturdy/maintenance free the flats are. Did cracks or leaks appear in walls/ceiling immediately? How good were the fixtures? Do your homework, and you will be able to avoid a bad deal!
  • Examine the paperwork thoroughly. Make sure that the builder has a clear title, and has all the necessary permissions and clearances from the authorities, if it’s an under-construction, or brand new apartment building. Check the reputation of the builder. Do they have a name for fair dealing, or not? All these factors are important.

Buying your own home is definitely a lot of work – but it is well worth it, especially when you purchase an apartment from an established builder. If you want to purchase premium apartments and enjoy finer living, you have come to the right place. SA Homes brings you luxury and comfort never seen before in Palakkad. Give us a call today to know more!

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