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How To Baby Proof Your Apartment

by SA Homes, Posted on 12/12/2018

Being a parent is one of the best feelings you can go through. A lot to take in and a lot to learn. Even if you are unaware about how to handle everything with your new parenthood, the last thing you want is your baby in trouble. So let’s go through some of the tips which will help you make your apartment baby friendly.

Remove or Cover Sharp Edges

Once your baby is mobile, it’s more likely that the trouble goes around with them. Cover the sharp edges which might poke your baby. Replace your rectangular furniture with round one. Or if the furniture is dear to you, cover its edges with safety guards. It won’t be that trendy, still this will keep your baby safe.

Relocate House Plants

A potted plant will be your baby’s favourite playground. They love to play in the dirt. So replace your houseplants to some place out of their reach. Hanging them from the ceiling is an option.

Purchase Baby Gates

Baby gates are your best option when it comes to passes without doors. Secure the stairs, bathrooms or even kitchen with baby gates. While buying those don’t even think about the ones with rails or any fancy bars. Choose the plastic ones with panels. Make sure that you have them in place once your baby begins to crawl or walk.

Cover the Electrical Outlets

Babies love to play with anything in their hand reach. And these electric outlets will add to their curiosity with its look. So cover them safely so that even if the baby pokes it, it doesn’t come off. Investigate every nook and corner because you don’t want to miss out any.

Hope these tips from the best apartment builders in Palakkad helped you get an insight about how to baby proof your apartment. Welcome to the parenthood and enjoy every moment of it.

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