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Balcony Decor Ideas For Small Apartments

by SA Homes, Posted on 03/10/2018

Everyone has their own happy places. Turning your balconies into one of them is always something wonderful. If you have a great view and fresh air, never waste it by just closing the doors to the balcony. Savor it, make the most out of it. Let’s try some decor ideas to make your pretty little balconies one of the best places in your apartment.

1. Start with the floor
Yes, I meant the floor. You might be wondering what to do with the floor. The answer is, what not to be done with the floor! Cover you balcony floors with wooden planks or plastic patio tiles. These are classy and won’t break your bank. Choose the colour which soothes your mind. Never bring in those funky, outbursting colours. This may not be something you always want. This is a place of tranquility. Let it be. Once the flooring is done, cover it with a comfy outdoor-friendly rug. There you are. The first step is done and it looks perfect now.

2. Furniture
Your balcony might be narrow. So filling it with the cliche round table and chairs won’t be a good idea. Stick to the rectangular patio table and place it close to the hand railings. A narrow bench and two chairs at both ends will bring in space for at least four. Your happy little dinner place is ready.

3. Go green
Green is always refreshing. Splash in the strokes of green onto your balconies. Let the garden be decorated with flowers. Since out limitation is confinement, think vertical. Hang your greens. Save the floor space and let the plants adore the wall and even the ceiling. You will never get tired of plants. So don’t be stingy. We have cactus for it!

4. Light Up
Illuminate your happy place with string lights. Let the nights be beautiful here. Lighting up your balconies with these tiny bulbs will give it a surreal makeover. Lanterns are also a good choice. However, nothing can beat the evergreen charm of the candle lights. Choose your potion and let it light up your world.

As the best apartment builders in Palakkad, we suggest that you follow these tips and make your balconies the best and let people adore it. You own the best homes, so make the most out of it.

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