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Tips for Enhancing Your Apartment

by SA Homes, Posted on

Living in apartments in Palakkad may, at first, seem a bit odd, especially if you’ve never lived in one first. But with these tips, you can transform your apartment into an interesting and highly individualistic place that will be the envy of your friends and family!

  • Green is gold – nothing like bringing a bit of the outdoors inside. Place a few potted plants in your living room, and outside your main door too. It will brighten up the room – not to say give you much-needed oxygen too. It will give your interiors a very fresh and natural look – you won’t feel like you’re in an enclosed space. Just make sure that the plant you select will thrive indoors – cacti that flower those should be a good starting point.
  • Get a hamper that can double as dirty laundry storage and a stool – saves space, and helps you keep your apartment neat!
  • Create an illusion of more space by using strategically placed mirrors. Even small rooms and corridors look more spacious with a few well-placed mirrors that reflect light.
  • Use attractive, creative lighting – try small shops, curio sellers, crafts shops and the like – you will get cheaper fixtures and they are sure to be ‘different’ from the factory made stuff found in every store. Lend a dash of ethnicity and colour to your apartment.
  • Avoid clunky furniture – go for minimalistic design instead, to eliminate the cluttered or cramped look. Traditional Indian ‘baithak’ seating – with mattresses and bolsters on the floor – make for an interesting look. Have a couple of chairs for people who can’t sit on the floor, though.
  • Use colour themes – if your living room theme is cream, colour-coordinate your furniture, curtains, cushions, mats and so on in varying shades of beige, gold, light brown.. you get the picture!
  • Try thematic décor – try something different! A rustic look for your living room, a futuristic décor for the kids’ room, eco-friendly for your bedroom and so on. You can choose wall hangings and art pieces accordingly, to create the right ambience.

Living in apartments offers a lot of conveniences and security – you have a much smaller space to manage, and you have plenty of neighbours and security guards. Today’s flats in Kalpathy and other prime residential locations also have added features like CCTV and biometrics to monitor all visitors.


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