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Everything you Need to Know About Living in Palakkad

by SA Homes, Posted on 08/08/2018

Palakkad, known as “The Heritage City of Kerala” is one such places in Kerala which have preserved its old world charm and greenish beauty. It is suitable for people who love city life, yet yearns to settle down in a quiet peaceful nature around.

Planning to make a move to Palakkad? Let us help you understand the aspects of living in Palakkad.

● Nature at its best:

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of Kerala is the backwaters, Ayurvedic treatments and lots and lots of greenery. This tinsel town has serene landscapes and boasts to show you the true beauty of Kerala. Be it backwaters, temples, national park or waterfalls, Palakkad offers a variety of options for nature enthusiasts.

Attractive Places to visit:

So what are the must-visit tourist spots in Palakkad? Malampuzha Dam, Nelliyampathy Hills, Silent Valley National Park, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary are a few places that are loved by tourists. Want to have a spiritual retreat? Palakkad offers hundreds of temples to quench a spiritual soul.

Live with Festivals around:

That being said, Palakkad is a temple town and there will always be some festival or the other for 10 months of the year (except July August due to rains). You can see people celebrating one festival or the other every month. The most famous being kalpathy car festival is the one you don’t want to miss!

Cost of Living:

A small town which is on its developing stage, Palakkad offers 30-40% lower cost of living when compared to other major cities in Kerala. Though it depends on the lifestyle of each family, Palakkad can surely help you save some money. With fixed rates for groceries and medical needs, the cost of living again varies from town areas to remote areas.

● Climate:

Just like Tamil Nadu, summertime is at its peak. Temperature can go beyond 40 degrees during summer and the place is much cooler and enjoyable during the months of October to February.

Last but not the least, is the variety of living options in Palakkad. There are rentals, homestays or apartments to best suit your needs. If you are in search of Apartments in Palakkad town, we are ready to help you out! Just leave us an inquiry and you can get the best living space in the convenient location.

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