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What To Expect When Moving From An Individual House To An Apartment

by SA Homes, Posted on 08/11/2017

So you’ve been living in your bungalow or villa but for whatever reasons, are thinking of moving into an apartment in Palakkad. Well just like everything else, apartments also have their plus and minus points. If you’ve never lived in an apartment before, we can tell you what to expect.

  • Reduced space: Well, it’s quite obvious, but often we don’t realize how much difference it could make. When you’re living in an individual house, you’re likely to accumulate a lot of stuff, especially if you have lived there for years and years. So be prepared to donate or throw away things that are not very essential, or you may have a very cluttered flat. This could also include oversized furniture like sofa sets, beds and more. If you have to give away or sell your old furniture and buy new sets to fit in your apartment, you need to add that cost to the purchase price to get the true price. Again, reduced space can be an advantage – much less space to clean, less space to decorate, and so on. It can be your cozy haven.
  • Reduced privacy: Walls may not be as thick as you think! You will definitely need to be careful and keep noise levels down so as not to disturb your neighbours; you may also have to put up with more sounds coming into your Palakkad flat as compared to your individual house. What’s more, there are going to be a lot more people all around you the moment you step out the main door – not that it’s a bad thing, but it will not be the same as being in your own house. It also means never being alone – and having help close at hand during any emergency.
  • More amenities: How many of us can afford to have our private swimming pools, round the clock security or gyms? Hardly anyone. But when you move into a premium apartment building, you can have all of this and more – like landscaped gardens, separate play area for kids, basketball or tennis courts, community hall etc.
  • You can’t always have your way: When you live in an apartment building, it’s like living in a joint family. The society or residents’ association will have rules, which you will need to abide by. The rules could be regarding the use of the lift, pool, gym, payment of maintenance, garbage disposal, and so on. You will need to be more disciplined in your everyday life.
  • Group activities: there will be different groups of people going for walks, aerobics, yoga etc; you will have ample company if you’re interested in such activities. There are also likely to be celebrations of festivals and National holidays – something you would never be able to in an individual house.

Living in an apartment can be a wonderful experience; all it takes is some patience, understanding and cooperation between all the residents.

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