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4 Common Home Lighting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

by SA Homes, Posted on 17/10/2018

Lighting accentuates that cozy comfy ambience of your homes. Each space deserves its own lighting. Doing it wrong will be like rubbing yourself in the wrong way. Ever felt that something is missing in your home? Like something is not right, something is not in place? It might be the lighting gone wrong. Let us roll through some of the common lighting mistakes you tend to make and how to get over them.

1. Insufficient lighting in small spaces
The small spaces get avoided often. Illuminate your closet or pantries the right amount. Using a single overhead lighting for these space might not be very wise. Because this might leave shadows behind and give the space a darker appearance. Using under cabinet lights or LED strips to light up those cramped places is always the best. This will make the place look lot more elegant.

2. To choose between warm and cool lights
The temperature of the lights ranges in between 2700K to 6500K. The closer it is to 2700K, the light will be warm yellow. And the higher it gets the light gets cool white. For contemporary looks and feel choosing the white light or cool range is apt. This will impart a sleek as well as a modern tint to the homes. For a warmer outlook, the warm white lights will be your best bet.

3. Lack of energy efficient lights
Did the thought of energy efficient lights ever cross your mind? If not, it’s time to be aware of the fact that humans are leaving their carbon footprints higher than ever before. Choose your lights to be energy efficient. LED lights serve this purpose best. Keep this in mind while replacing your next fused bulb. This is healthy as well as economic.

4. Light in contrast with the paint
The lights which are not in agreement with the paint you chose for the walls will be a complete tragedy. Choose lights which will sync well with your walls and gives apt lighting in the room, Highlighting art pieces should also be done by keeping the texture and tone of the paint used on the walls.

Never make the interiors of your apartment look odd by the wrong lighting. As the best apartment builders, we share these facts with you which are accumulated through years of experience. Light up your life and home.

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