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How To Keep Your Apartment Free Of Pests

by SA Homes, Posted on 11/10/2016

Thinking of buying an apartment in Palakkad, but worried about how you will keep the pests away? Relax. We have some easy and very effective tips for you to help you keep your apartment free of pests!

Cockroaches are very commonly seen in apartments as they crawl up and down through the building’s drainage system; moreover, insect eggs are often brought home with groceries. These are often stored in warehouses before they reach you, and there’s no saying how well it is maintained.

There are two main things you can do: either call professional pest control companies, let them do their job, pay them while you sit back and relax. Of course, the chemical sprays that are used, may also cause allergic reactions or some discomfort to you.

The second is D-I-Y or do it yourself!

  • Install nets on your windows and the main door; it will definitely keep out mosquitoes, moths and flies. Make sure you keep your doors and windows shut around 5 in the evening – that is when they venture out.
  • Throw out everything that you don’t really need. Hoarding old stuff – books and magazines that you don’t read anymore, broken implements, furniture, anything – is an open invitation to cockroaches, spiders, ants and termites. The last is a tenacious lot, and very difficult to get rid of.
  • Grow herbs like lemongrass, mint, lavender, and so on in small flower pots in your Palakkad flat. Insects don’t like the smell of these plants, and will stay away. You could also try sprinkling some eucalyptus oil mixed with camphor near windows, doors and vents to prevent their entry.
  • Seal any cracks or gaps that you see around doors and windows, vents, pipe conduits and so on. Block their entry completely.

Apart from this, whether you call in the exterminators or not, make sure your apartment is kept clean. Never leave food scraps or wrappers lying about, and throw away unwanted food right away. Ensure your dustbin is closed tight and empty it every day. Don’t wait to wipe up spilt milk, tea etc. Clean your fridge at least once a month and throw out unused food.

Also keep your bathroom, kitchen, and any other are prone to moisture, as dry as you can. Ensure good ventilation by installing exhaust fans where necessary, and don’t keep floors wet for long.

With a little care and effort, you can keep the pest population in your apartment to a minimum, and live a healthier life!

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