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Interior Decor Trends Of 2019

by SA Homes, Posted on 11/01/2019

This new year is going to be HUGE in terms of interior design. Although it’s just the beginning of the year, the in-house designers at the top developers of Palakkad, SA Homes are already thinking ahead of the game for their patrons and clients. We have got our hands on the list of the most inspiring interior decor trends of 2019.

From materials and finishes to abstract furniture pieces, this year is about making the most about spaces, so we thought we’d share our finds to help you revamp your apartment in style!

    Bilophila is the forging a relationship between nature and humankind. This has nurtured bilophila inspired decor trends such as use of Natural materials such as bamboo furniture, wood floors, plant walls and open ceilings are design trends that aim to bring nature, in.
  2. Curved furnishings
    The last time interior designs saw curved sofas were in the 80’s. But they are back and how! Popular designers are now doing away with the regular straight and rigid furniture lines and opting for an enveloping tub chair, curved utility benches or even a simple side chair to add subtlety to the otherwise hard faced interior.
  3. Convertible urban designs
    One of the most promising trends of the year is convertible dwellings that go from a modern take on murphy beds to movable walls and of course multipurpose built-ins. We are talking about making the best out of limited space with outstanding yet practical designs!
  4. Statement ceilings
    Ceilings, the almost non-existent and completely disregarded when it comes to room decor. But this year, ceilings take center stage! From creatively painted to ornately wallpapered, a reimagined ceiling is all you need to revamp your room and make it look brighter and larger and more appealing than the cliche accent wall.
  5. Carpets
    Carpeting your home or work space has gone beyond buying the ‘one-size fits all’ trend. People are now shifting to custom made carpets for their entryways and living area. Moreover, jute and multicolor carpets are also making their way into the popular furnishing trends of the year.

So, there you have it, a sneak-peek into this years popular decor trends. If you are looking for your own space to decorate and adorn, there are new flats for sale in Palakkad, by SA homes.  For details, call: 094002 28228

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