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How to keep your home clean during the monsoon season?

by SA Homes, Posted on 22/08/2018

Monsoons are the much-awaited escape from the scorching heat of summer. Monsoon is cozy, cool and dreamy. But Monsoon is also wet, muddy and damp. To keep your home clean and safe SA homes provide some tips. Let’s go through:

Relocate Furniture: To protect the furniture, especially wooden pieces, place them away from doors and windows. Do not let the water ruin your perfect furniture.

● Replace Light Coloured Drapes With Darker Ones: Light coloured drapes adorning your homes are great for sure. But the monsoon will leave stains on them soon. Cleaning them won’t be a big concern, but drying them is. So replacing them with darker drapes is always a good idea.

● Don’t Use Footwear Inside The House: Make this a rule which is to be strictly followed during monsoons. Through this, you can save your house from a lot of germs. Also, this will save you a lot of cleaning and sanitizing chores.

● Special Place For Drying Clothes Indoors: During the rains assign a particular place in your homes which is well ventilated and not often used. Drying your clothes properly is very important during monsoons. Also, keep a naphthalene ball in the assigned area to remove the damp smell and to keep it fresh.

● Clean The Washrooms: Make sure that the bathrooms and toilets are clean as these places get dirty first during monsoons. Also, washrooms should be ventilated properly. Clean the washrooms after every use to ensure cleanliness.

Monsoons are always beautiful and desired for. Make it a point to keep your home clean during monsoons as this will save you a lot of repair. Follow these easy hacks from SA homes and protect your home. Be free from diseases during monsoons by keeping your home clean and tidy. Enjoy your monsoon with SA homes.

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