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Chic Library Design Ideas For Apartment Dwellers

by SA Homes, Posted on 19/09/2018

Books adorning the walls of your living room is a mighty fine sight. The design accentuates the ambiance if it’s contemporary. Adding a literary touch to the apartment is always appreciated. Home libraries have gained attention these days. Let’s go through some of the design ideas for your chic library to make your apartment more lively.

1. Living room library
Improvise a wall in your living room into your space of bliss. Attach a shelf onto the walls and line them with books. Let the living room lift your spirits and give you a place to spend your leisurely afternoon in the company of your favorite book. This will bring in a scholarly as well as sleek appearance to your living room.

2. Bedroom library
If you are someone who loves books, this will be your paradise. If a bed surrounded by books is something you dream about, this is your best bet. You can have built-in bookshelves above the headboard or on the sides. You can reach out from your bed to pick your favorite book and spend your time with the character you adore.

3. Built-in library
Custom made built-in libraries in bed and sofas will be a different approach. This will not consume much space as well. Built-in libraries are easy to handle and move. You can slide out the cabin from under the bed or sofa and push it back in whenever necessary. If you do not have any other space in your home for your precious books, built-ins are a great choice.

4. Full wall libraries
Transform a complete wall in your apartment into library space if you have the facility to do so. A full wall library is every book lover’s dream. You can add a sliding ladder to move through the sections and dig out the book you want to read. Infuse this in your walls and enjoy the books.

5. Dining room libraries
Decorate the dining room wall in your apartment with books and always enjoy easy access to the books you love. The book lovers will for sure enjoy positioning a chic library in their dining area. The white or stained papers will add a sophisticated as well as antique touch to your apartment’s dining space.

Adopt these super cool ideas to set up the best chic library in your apartment. As the best apartment builders in Palakkad, we are sure that these tips will transform your traditional bookshelves into contemporary chic libraries.

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