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Make The Most of Your Apartment Kitchen

by SA Homes, Posted on 25/11/2016

The biggest challenge for people living in flats in Palakkad, is making maximum use of the available kitchen space. The Indian way of cooking necessitates many different types of vessels, spices and other equipment; to top it all, we are all exposed to global cuisines, and many of us do whip up Chinese and Continental delicacies in our kitchens – even more equipment and ingredients! But don’t panic. Here we have some cool tips for you to make the most of your kitchen.

  • Turn your Oven into storage:  If you bake, store all your baking accessories like muffin tins, baking sheets, cooling racks and so on inside your oven. Just take it all out before you turn it on!
  • Get creative with storage options: install hooks wherever you can to hand strainers, napkins, oven mitts and so on. Use stackable shelves and baskets to store stuff compactly both inside your cabinets, and on top or even underneath them (depending on the design of your cabinets). Store cling foil, aluminum foil and more in a file holder mounted inside a cabinet door. If you have cookbooks, install a short shelf on your wall to keep them. Wall mount a dish drainer to save countertop space, and use a tension rod to hand spray bottles (like Mr. Muscle, Colin, and other cleaners) under the sink. Store pots and pans high above your kitchen island; install a thick metal grill or mesh with hooks for this purpose.
  • Make your own pantry: Use an old wooden cupboard to store your dry groceries and extra utensils or crockery in your Palakkad apartment.
  • Invest in space saving storage options like lazy Susans, corner racks, revolving shelves and so on to store your pots and pans. Use a wall mounted magnetic strip to hold your knives and save space on your kitchen counter.
  • Arrange your stuff properly: store ingredients close to your stove but in such a way that the heat does not reach them, and your utensils and crockery closer to the sink.
  • Clean as you cook: instantly mop up spills, wash dishes and utensils so that you have enough space on your kitchen counter and near the sink when you start cooking!
  • Chopping: Install a cutting board drawer (that you can slide out) right over your dustbin so that peels and scraps fall directly into it – saves space and time! You can push it in when you don’t need it.

With a little imagination and resourcefulness, even the tiniest of kitchens can be transformed into spacious ones. At SA Homes, we believe in providing ample space in the kitchen in the apartments in Kalpathy, and you can work some magic to make them even larger. Check out our projects.

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