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Monsoon Care Tips for your Apartment

by SA Homes, Posted on 04/07/2018

Monsoon may be a beautiful season for you, but it can be a tough season for your apartment in several ways. It is the time during which apartments require major renovation and minor fixes. Generally, during the monsoon drainage pipes choke down, the ceiling has water leakages, the population of termites increases, moisture is absorbed by wooden objects like doors and they swell blocking them from being shut and so on.

Most often, the problems in your flat arise because of the woodwork. Wood absorbs moisture and expands, making it difficult to open and close windows and doors with wooden frames. Paint or varnish the windows and doors to prevent moisture from seeping in.  That was just one monsoon care tip, read on for more.

  • Keep termites away from wooden works as they tend to increase during the monsoon.
  • Proper ventilation will prevent unusual odor and bring fresh air regularly.
  • Check the electrical fittings.
  • Coat the wooden doors with oil or wax to prevent them from swelling.
  • Waterproof the ceiling before the monsoon arrives.
  • Vacuum the carpets daily to retain it from absorbing the moisture which helps keep its fabric in good condition.
  • Check all the tile joints in the wash area and other corners of the apartments.
  • Monsoon pests can be kept away by making use of camphor, window nets, and tulsi plant.
  • Check all the drainage pipes for leaks or blockages and have them fixed before the monsoon arrives.

There are many more such remedies you can apply to keep your apartment healthy and protected from the monsoon. Or you can purchase budget flats developed by SA Homes in Palakkad. SA Homes have a very high experience in building apartments fit for all weather conditions and the apartments are at prominent locations in Palakkad.

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