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Must-Have Appliances For Your Apartments

by SA Homes, Posted on 29/12/2016

If you’ve bought an apartment in Kalpathy or elsewhere in Palakkad, your next task would be to do the interiors. Definitely, an exciting time for you – after all, you have so much to plan! Unfortunately, Most of us do not stop to think about what appliances are needed for apartment living to be really comfortable. Sure, everyone buys a washing machine, refrigerator and possibly a microwave oven these days – that’s a given. But we are going to tell you about some appliances you haven’t given much thought to. Take a look:

  • A cooking hood/chimney: Sure, you love to whip up a storm in your kitchen with lots of spicy fried stuff and what not – but that can make your home smoke! Installing a cooking hood or overhead chimney will eliminate the smoke from your kitchen and take it away outside, leaving your home smoke free and safe.
  • Clothes Dryer: you have limited space in apartments, and drying clothes in the monsoon, especially in Palakkad, can be a big problem, especially if you have school going kids in the house. A clothes dryer will ensure that your washed clothes are dried quickly and without much fuss; no more hanging out clothes to dry! It saves time and effort.
  • Dishwasher: Shanthachechi or Kunjamma may not keep coming to work for you! It is increasingly difficult to find reliable helpers to do your dishes or clean your home; having a dishwasher will solve that problem for you.
  • Vacuum cleaner: invest in a good vacuum cleaner that has attachments that will help you clean tricky corners, curtains, sofas and so on. With nuclear families, working moms and dwindling house help, a vacuum cleaner can be a real blessing. Even kids will offer to clean the house for you – they may actually find it fun.
  • Wet/dry cleaning robot: This is an advanced cleaner; yes it’s available in India. If you’re too busy to sweep and mop and don’t want to hire or can’t find reliable household help, invest in the machine that does the sweeping and mopping for you. It is surprisingly affordable.
  • CCTV: Before you start thinking it’s a bit too much, just reflect: do you have to leave your children alone (or with babysitters/helpers) for long periods every day? Have you given a key to your maid/helper to do the cleaning because you have to go to work? If you’ve answered Yes to any of these questions, it would be a wise decision to install CCTV in your apartment, so that you know what goes on when you’re not around. Again, you can do it at a very cost effective price. All you need are a couple of webcams, Wi-Fi, a UPS, a computer and an app. You can even set it up yourself.

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