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Tips for Enhancing Your Apartment

by SA Homes, Posted on

Tips for Enhacing Apartments

Living in apartments in Palakkad may, at first, seem a bit odd, especially if you’ve never lived in one first. But with these tips, you can transform your apartment into an interesting and highly individualistic place that will be the envy of your friends and family! Green is gold – nothing like bringing a bit of the outdoors inside. Place a few potted plants in your living room, and outside your main door too.

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What You Should Know as an NRI investing in Real Estate

by SA Homes, Posted on November 20, 2015


The Indian economy provides a conducive environment for investors and so real estate has now become a lucrative investment option for non-residential Indians (NRIs).The followings are guidelines NRIs or PIOs must follow while investing in real estate in India: As per norms of the RBI, NRIs can invest in both residential and commercial properties and buy as many properties as they like but they cannot purchase agricultural lands and plantations. Farm lands can only be inherited.

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