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Interior Decor Trends Of 2019

by SA Homes, Posted on 11/01/2019

Interior Decor Trends 2019

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6 Irresistible Storage Hacks For Your Kitchen

by SA Homes, Posted on 26/12/2018

Storage Hacks For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the place where we find it the most difficult to organize. There is ‘stuff’ everywhere. The best apartment builders in Palakkad, SA Homes, have come up with certain ideas that will help you organize your kitchen. Read on, you can thank us later.

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How To Baby Proof Your Apartment

by SA Homes, Posted on 12/12/2018

Being a parent is one of the best feelings you can go through. A lot to take in and a lot to learn. Even if you are unaware about how to handle everything with your new parenthood, the last thing you want is your baby in trouble.

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Pre-purchase Apartment Inspection Checklist For Home Buyers

by SA Homes, Posted on 21/11/2018

Checklist For Home Buyers

There are many things to take care while buying a home. You have to make sure that it feeds all your necessities and serves its purpose to the fullest.

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Home Improvement Ideas To Raise The Value Of Your Apartment

by SA Homes, Posted on 07/11/2018

Home Improvement Ideas

Turning your abode into a place of tranquility is what we all try to achieve. We spend a fortune to own the best homes and we share many happy memories with it.

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4 Common Home Lighting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

by SA Homes, Posted on 17/10/2018

Home lighting mistakes and how to avoid them

Lighting accentuates that cozy comfy ambience of your homes. Each space deserves its own lighting. Doing it wrong will be like rubbing yourself in the wrong way.

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