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Planning a Party in Your Apartment? Follow These Tips!

by SA Homes, Posted on 08/12/2016

It’s the season of holidays and parties. You don’t need to live in a huge villa or rent a hall to throw a great party; you can do it even in your apartment in Palakkad. Don’t worry about space – we will tell you how you can pull off a great party even in the smallest of spaces:

  • Firstly you need to rearrange your furniture so that you can seat the maximum number of guests in your living room. Keep your snack table in the middle so that your guests can go and take helpings whenever they want. You can use one of the bedrooms as a temporary storage closet for your heavy sofas and chairs, and rent small compact chairs for your party.
  • Designate a table or corner of your living room or corridor for guests to keep their bags, jackets, helmets and the like; this will avoid clutter in your house as well as leave the guests free to mingle.
  • Use strings of light, soft warm lights, overhead spotlights – anything that makes up an inviting party ambience! Help your guests get into the party mood by switching off your boring (but reliable)CFLs.
  • Plan for more snacks – those that can be eaten with just a paper napkin, like cocktail samosas, kebabs, cutlets, paneer tikka and so on. The less plates and glasses you use, the easier for you to clean up. Even if you use disposable ones, you still have to pick up and dispose of them the next day. Also have a couple of food counters so that the crowd is distributed across your apartment. Let’s face it: food is the main attraction at parties; where there is food, you’ll find people!
  • Plan for games; some simple ice breakers, one minute games – stuff that doesn’t require running around. Be creative, and keep it fun – your guests will surely remember your party for a long time.
  • What’s a party without music? Ask guests to bring some of their favorite tracks, and play those along with your own; this way, there will be some of everyone’s favorite music!
  • People tend to feel thirsty at parties, so get creative with your serving; rather than small paper cups or glasses, serve drinks from a pitcher into mason jars or giant glasses. You can even decorate the glasses or jars with bits of glitter or wrapping paper to make it more interesting.
  • Make sure you keep plenty of paper towels handy – after all it’s a party, and there are bound to be plenty of spills; the faster you clean them up, the easier you’ll find it the next day.

Based on these tips, I’m sure you’ll also come up with great ideas to host an enjoyable party for your guests in your Palakkad flat.

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