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Pre-purchase Apartment Inspection Checklist For Home Buyers

by SA Homes, Posted on 21/11/2018

There are many things to take care while buying a home. You have to make sure that it feeds all your necessities and serves its purpose to the fullest. SA Homes, the best apartment builders in Palakkad, have created a pre-purchase apartment inspection checklist which will guide you through the whole process of finding, fixing and buying your new home. Make sure that at least 5 of them get ticked when you visit the site personally. Let’s dive in.

The last thing you want to struggle for is your way into your compound. So make it a priority. Ensure that the roads are available and ready for use. Also, the house you choose should provide you with accessibility to the basic amenities like schools, hospitals and whatever be it in your list. Clean water is yet another priority.

HVAC System Check

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning is an amenity which came into check recently on an unprecedented scale. It ensures the comfort level in the interiors. HVAC units are a common sight in skyscrapers and multi-storied buildings. They are becoming common even in houses nowadays. HVAC units keep the heating, air conditioning, and ventilation in the buildings in check.


When you personally visit the site, it is easy to understand the dimensions and perimeters of the house. Take note of the bedrooms and make sure that there are none facing west as this might heat up during the day. The floor should be well maintained and free of cracks. Walls painted and devoid of damping or staining. Enough windows in proper condition. Fine doors with security locks. Proper kitchen with all facilities. Enough bathrooms and related amenities in good condition. Spacious and comfortable room.

Make sure that you check all the points listed above. It will be better if you take a friend with you because an extra pair of eye can point out the things which you might miss. The best apartment builders in Palakkad provide you with this checklist to make sure that you own the best homes ever.

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