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Quirky Wall Decor Ideas For Your Flat

by SA Homes, Posted on 06/12/2017

Looking for exciting Wall Decor Ideas?

You don’t have to be a professional artist to create beautiful walls. All you have to do is to imagine your wall as a big screen of paper, where you can throw the colors of your mind.
Everyone would love to see their walls filled with colors and beautiful decors, just because your wall is small doesn’t mean it cannot be made lovely.

There aren’t any certain set of rules for decorating walls, just implementing what you have in your mind in the most artistic manner would work wonders.

Here are some ideas which you can implement while decorating your rooms or wall:

  • Use Various Colors 

Selecting a color for your wall is an important process. Most people are not aware of the psychology of colors. The coloring is a powerful mechanism that can imply our emotions, create space illusions or can change the mood and atmosphere of any particular place or room.

Choosing a color may differ with the place it is used because different colors show different illusions and different appeal.

For example, You can make an illusion of space by using bright colors. Warm up your home by using deep tone colors in winter. Use relaxing colors in your rooms to have a relaxing effect. Avoid using red color if you have high blood pressure.

  • Use images and frames 

Using pictures and images is another way to fill the gaps on a plain wall. Pictures or images of your loved ones will bring back lovely memories and make you happy whenever you see them. You can even use pictures of your favorite leader or any influencer.

Using pictures on your wall will not only create a personalized feeling but also a good color combination between wall and images making it look even more beautiful.

  • Rule of Thirds 

Things arranged in odd numbers or in a number of three are always more memorable, appealing, and effective. This rule is commonly used in photography to get balanced and effective photos.

Using this technique while arranging and decorating your wall can create an inspirational impact on people’s eyes.

For example, grouping objects having various heights, shapes and textures but at the same time, there should be some similarities between them. The idea is to make the arrangement unique and eye catchy, This rule might not work in all instance, since if the object, colors or arrangement don’t match with each other.

  • Use more stickers 

Sometimes painting walls could be much costly, and it would not be affordable for all. As well as it is not recommended to change the design or color as per our wish within a short period of time. So we can use stickers instead of colors.

Stickers are more affordable and stylish apart from colors, and they do not leave any residue once it is removed as well.

  • Attractive shelves 

Shelves can not only be used as additional storage space but also as a stylish wall cover. We can use wooden or metal shelves designed in a stylish manner to decorate our walls. So they have the dual purpose.

  • Light Effects 

You must have seen the combination of light and colors over various places. How beautiful would it be if we could apply that on our walls, isn’t it?  Adding lights to different angles and dimensions on your walls will bring a beautiful impact on your room.

If you would like to know more about how to decorate your rooms and walls, visit SAHomes, one of the leading Builders in Palakkad.

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