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Fun revamp ideas to dress your kitchen up!

by SA Homes, Posted on

Are you bored of working in your kitchen? Does the heart of your home no longer bring out the master chef in you? If you answered yes to both, your kitchen needs a revamp! Yes, we know what you are thinking… revamps are very expensive and time-consuming. But they don’t have to be!
Whether you live in a budget flat in Palakkad or an independent home in the city, you don’t need to shell out big bucks to renovate your kitchen.

Here are some of our fun revamp ideas to dress up your kitchen!

#1 Colour Those Cabinets!
Give your kitchen cabinets a paint job (because new cabinets are pricey!) Mix and match colors based on your countertops or just go with your intuition and play around colors you like. Dark kitchens and moodier ambiance are making their rounds in the interior decor arena, so switch up your colors and go for dramatic greens or elegant ivories to spruce up your kitchen.

#2 Accent Wall
Since we are talking about adding color to your beloved kitchen, why not paint up a wall to give it a new look? An accent wall can change the mood in your kitchen. Paint your accent wall with a deeper shade as compared to the rest of the room and put up your favorite knick-knacks there on a shelf or simply let the wall be. Either way, the color draws the eye and you have a new kitchen!

#3 Spice Up Your Window Drapes
A new curtain can add a lot of color to your interiors without burning a hole in your pocket. If you are worried about hanging new curtains near the sink area, don’t be. Treat yourself with a new set of Roman shades that add texture to your kitchen while making it look as good as new!

#4 Switch Out The Light FIXTURES
Light fixtures can make quite a difference to your kitchen so go ahead and add pendant lights to make it look as good as new. Pick colors that make the place pop. Play around with your light fixtures to add a few decorative jewels to your kitchen. Use soft or bright tone bulbs according to the ambiance you would like to create.

Although this sounds a little absurd, adding a new appliance that is bright red or electric blue (or any other pop of color, for that matter) does amp up the energy in the zone. If you get bored with them too, well you can stash them away but for now, colorful appliances that fit your budget is a fun idea to dress your kitchen up!

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