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5 Space Hacks To Make Your Small Apartment Charming

by SA Homes, Posted on

Have you ever wished your apartment looked straight out of a decor magazine? All of us have! Be it a classy interior setting or a stylish yet unconventional boho decor, the first prerequisite is space, or is it?

The conventional belief is that larger space better the interior decor. But hey, don’t let space constraints keep you from decorating your home the way you like best. Here are amazing space hacks from the top builders in Palakkad, to make your small apartment a real charmer!

    Pick your sofa’s wisely!
    Sofas are often the largest pieces of furniture that you invest in while moving into an apartment, second only to your bed, maybe. Therefore, it is important that you give this piece of furniture a quick thought before you make the big purchase. You can choose an accent piece to highlight your room but don’t choose an overly large one. Instead, you could easily blend in a few other seating options such as ottomans (that double up as storage spaces), colourful bean bags that suit your decor or little cushioned footstools too could work as seating options while adding charm to your room.

    Make the best of your walls
    Add wall shelving to your rooms for storage purposes but make sure you invest in unique and creative pieces that draw the eye. Adding an accent wall to your room with a spiral bookshelf or a simple wooden stand can elevate the style quotient of your room while adding plenty of storage space too.

    Choose the right rug
    You can easily change transform the ambiance of any room in your apartment with the right use of a rug. Buy a rug that is large enough for your room. A rug that extends underneath your sofas and chairs, makes the grouping feel larger while uniquely defining the seating area and adding character to your room.

    Make use of mirrors
    Mirrors are a great way to add depth to your room. Hanging a mirror on a wall opposite a window can enhance the feeling of open space in the area. Mirrors are used to reflect natural light across the room, thus creating an illusion of a larger and more wider space.

    Make use of lights
    An ideal way of adding a touch of glam to your rooms while making use of the most minimalist decor trends is by investing in a stylish and sleek lampstand. Lamp stands add character to your room and strategic inclusion of these pieces not only draws the eye but also adds a certain charm to your room. If you are running on a tight budget, a bunch of string lights would also do. Simply wrap them around your curtain rods or around used wine bottles and see the difference!

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