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DIY Storage Hacks That Will Make Your Apartment Feel Huge

by SA Homes, Posted on 18/04/2018

Owning a spacious apartment with the lush decor is everybody’s big dream and an expensive one as well. Yet, sometimes you may have to settle for a little less spacious abode.
But living in a small apartment has its own fringe benefits. You don’t need to spend a ton on utilities; moreover you can save up on the rent, and of course, cleaning is a breeze!   

The only downside is the storage space.  When you live in a small apartment putting the limited space to good use becomes a necessity. Top builders in Palakkad suggest the following DIY hacks that save space and money as well!

Upcycle your bottles! Parties are often fun yet messy. What do you do with all the empty bottles from the party last night? Don’t simply throw them away. They make amazing storage stands for your watches, bangles, and bracelets when you are short of cabinet drawers. To add a rustic touch, put up a small wine crate with the bottles in them.  That’s one way to go creative with your storage solution.

Does your bicycle take up way too much space in your apartment? There’s a more artistic style of storing your cycle at home.  Nail a wood pallet on any plain wall and hammer nails into the pallet. This way you could store your cycle while creating a decorative piece for an empty wall!

Rolling storage is a simple way of storing clothes, toys, books or anything you won’t need often. Put them in rolling cases on pushing them under your bed, if you have empty space under the bed.
Spruce up your kitchen with a pegboard. Fix a pegboard with hooks on an empty kitchen wall and store measuring cups, ladles, even odd-shaped cook pots on the hook and see how much space you save in the cabinets!
Spice up the kitchen walls. Stick a magnetic strip on your wall, stick magnets on the lids of the spice jars you use the most and stick them on a magnetic strip and lo!

Heard of tin can storage? Revamp your old tins and create your own little tool space. Store your scissors, pen, crayons, paper clips and all your other stationery with this little ingenious DIY trick.
PVC shoe racks take your footwear storage to whole new level. Find PVC pipes that suit your footwear, cut them up into equal sizes and glue them to your wall. It saves you from your shoe storage problem.
Use metal baskets to store your magazines and books. Hang the metal basket up on the wall and create a book stand just like that!

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