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Tips on Furnishing Your Apartment

by SA Homes, Posted on 20/06/2018

Furnishing an apartment is not an easy task for several reasons. Sometimes, you might have restrictions on space, budget or the lease agreement making the process a tedious one. But these reasons should not scare you away from creating the apartment of your dreams. That is why we have brought some expert ideas from top builders in Palakkad, just for you!

Let us see how your apartment can look amazing…

Invest in Multi-functional Furniture

Space is a concern when it comes to apartments. Try to choose multi-functional furnitures like a coffee table with storage space, a sofa extendable bed etc, which is tiny, space friendly and adds multiple use. Be flexible in how you use your space. Turn a dining area into a home office, or set up a seating group around a table to double as a sitting and dining area.

Accessorize to show your personality

Accessorize to dress up and style your apartment to turn it into a more welcoming and comfortable space. It will never feel like a home if you don’t personalize it. Add some color of your choice to spark some life and also, if you are a plant person, grab your favorite indoor plant to style your furniture. Peel off wallpaper, posters, and paintings, or fabric on stretchers can style up walls even when you are not allowed to paint your walls.

Think vertical

To help with extra storage space, add vertical shelves and storage options to help you save on space and also control the clutter. Make use of the narrowest of corners with vertical furnitures to store books, media, office and kitchen storage. You can even use vertical vanity drawers when you are short of space, for a traditional style vanity. Also, ceiling to floor curtains and tall shelving adds personality, making a room appear larger.

Invest in creative storage furnitures

Creative storage is much needed in an apartment as it is easier for smaller spaces to become overrun with clutter. Buy a bed that has storage underneath. It could be in the shape of pull out drawers. This way, you can save space for storing bed sheets, blankets and other essentials for a room when not in use. Dining tables with drawers, coffee tables with drawers or shelves, room dividers with shelves are all good storage options especially for small space like 2bhk flats.

Go Minimal

As minimalism is trending in every aspect of life, this concept can be used in decorating apartments as well. Opt for minimal furniture with no-complex cut works and small wooden carvings for hassle-free cleaning and decluttering. A minimal apartment with only essential items leaves you with more space to live in.

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