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Hot Tips to Cool Down Your Apartment

by SA Homes, Posted on 04/04/2018

The temperatures are soaring, and there is no respite from the heat. During these hot summer days, it sure is tempting to crank up that A/C but the thought of huge electricity bills will put you in a sweaty spot! Yes, the sweltering heat is going to bring in big expenses. Everyone’s looking for a less expensive alternative to enjoying the summer without sweating it out.

The top builders and developers in Palakkad bring you hot tips to cool your apartment down!

Closed blinds keep the room cool.  On a sweltering hot day, everybody opens their windows to let the breeze in, but little do we know, windows that open to the sun account for over 30% increase in room temperature. Draw your curtains or pull the blinds up to keep the room cool.

Since cranking up the A/C becomes an expensive affair, all of us turn on the fan in full spin. Here’s what many people don’t know. Tuning your fan to spin counter-clockwise in full spin can lower the temperatures of your room considerably and keep you feeling cool.

Ice magic anyone? One easy hack to cool your room down is using an ice pack or a mixing bowl full of ice. Place the ice at an angle to your fan. The air whizzes off the ice, cooling down completely; giving your room a nice misty effect. The chill will surely cool you down.

Check your fabrics when the heatwaves are making their rounds. The best fabric to use in your apartment is cotton. Switch out your heavy bed-linen and use cotton bedsheets and pillowcases. They freshen up the room and help keep your bed comfy.

Turn on the exhausts. A major source of heat in your apartment is the kitchen, and it is very important to drive out all the hot air. So, what do you do? Turn on the exhaust, of course.  

Stop using your oven, if you can avoid it. Turning on the oven often can heat up your apartment like crazy. Try healthy alternatives such as salads or fresh juices that chill you out while helping you keep your apartment cool.

Open the windows at night. Since there is a temperature drop during the night, the air is much cooler than it is, in the morning. Let the cool breeze in and sleep tight without having to turn on your air-conditioner.

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