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Tips To Fill Your Home With Positive Energy And Vibrations

by SA Homes, Posted on 17/01/2018

Home should be a place where you can find happiness, peace of mind and cheerful memories, but often we do not feel that in the same way. Sometimes we may feel like surrounded by irritating people, lack of confidence, fighting with each other etc.

The reason behind this is the “energy” we are surrounded with.

You probably have heard the term “chi”. It is the energy that gives life.

This energy flows throughout our body and rules the world around us. The energy can affect by different things bringing it “down” or “up”.

Here are some tips which could help you to fill your home with Positive energy.

  • Create space at your home: While arranging and decorating home, we should always remember to create spaces. Because clearing all the unwanted things from your home and creating space could fill the house with Positive, Creative and Inspiring energy.  
  • Let light and air come inside: As we say ‘Let the light kill’s the darkness”, Lights play an important role bringing positive energy into our home. Using a dim light at our home could attract negative energy as well as it can affect the mood of the person. We should always open windows during day times so that fresh air and natural light can enter our home.
  • Use White Sage:  White Sage is a leave of the Sage plant which is burned, and its smoke is directed into and onto different places. It is believed that it has healing power and it can help to calm our tension. You need to walk around your home along with the smoke with an intention to fill positive energy.
  • Benefits of sound: Sound is a powerful tool which could bring positive energy to you, better to call it as a healer as it can balance the right and left side of your brain. It also helps in harmonize vibrations of your space in your home. Singing bowls and bells are one of the examples, as they generate a different type of frequencies that can stimulate different kinds of energies.
  • Crystals: Crystals are well known for absorbing negative energy. It can create trust, harmony, peaceful and happy relationships within the home. It is said that by keeping crystals at home, can help to prevent negative energy away from home and protect the family from negative and dark eyes.
    There are various kinds of crystals and each one them has its own power/energy. Some of them are named below:
  • Clear Quartz
  • Rose Quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Tigers Eye
  • Jade

Your home is a place where your heart wants to be, so fill it with positive energy and If you are planning to buy an apartment, always remember to be selective, because there is huge competition market. So do not get in hands of fraud!.

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