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The Top 5 Tips To Make Moving Into A New Apartment Easy!

by SA Homes, Posted on

Finding your dream home is a daunting task but moving into one is another level of difficulty altogether. Right? Think about it… Organizing, packing, transporting them and moreover, getting the right team to handle your belongings is a big deal!

Top builders in Palakkad, SA homes, bring to you the top 6 tips that can make moving into your new apartment a breeze.

Let’s begin,

  1. It’s time to purge
    Before you pack all the items away, make sure you need them. Yes, this is your chance to do away with stuff you don’t need. Sort out all your stuff before packing, donate the things you don’t need and throw away things that cannot be used anymore. Put in a little effort and you’ll find that moving becomes more comfortable with less luggage and of course your new home will feel less cluttered.
  2. Manage your electronics
    Before you unplug your electronic goods, click pictures on your phone or camera, so you know what plug goes where, when you’ve moved in and begin to reassemble them. Moreover, when you pack your TV and sound system, and others don’t forget to use enough bubble wrap and thermocol cases to give them enough padding and keep them in place during the move. In the case of your refrigerator, don’t forget to defrost and wipe it dry at least 24 hours before moving, so things don’t get stinky and leaky on the way.
  3. Garbage bags make great storage
    Yes, you read that right! For instance, you can keep your hanging clothes on the hanger but wrapped in a garbage bag. Once you’ve moved into your new home, all you need to do is take them out and hang them up again. Easy! Don’t forget to label them. ‘Clothes’, ‘Shoes’ etc., Which brings us to the next tip.
  4. Label your boxes
    This makes things a lot easier for you and the movers as well. Be specific with your boxes. Don’t just say ‘Fragile’! Say ‘Kitchen-Plates’, ‘Dining room-glasses’, ‘Living room- vases’ etc. So your movers know they are delicate and need to be handled with care, and you can unpack easily too. Another pro tip is to pack all you live essentials in a box, so you don’t have to rummage through all your boxes to find them. Things that can go in are the Coffee maker, toiletries, towels and even munchies such as biscuits etc.
  5. Keep a supplies basket handy
    Don’t run around on the Move day looking for scissors, masking tape, glue, and other packing items. Use a bucket to store all your packing supplies. This comes in handy while you are unpacking too.

Hope you liked our tips. Feel free to share yours with us.

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