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Best Ideas To Turn Your Balcony Into Natural Garden

by SA Homes, Posted on 21/02/2018

A simple balcony is all that’s required to bring beautiful greenery into your life. And if you live in the city with limited outdoor space, a garden balcony may be the only option on the table. There are so many ways to set up your own little garden environment in the balcony. If you want to add some creativity for beautifying this area, the secret is to choose plants, accessories, furniture, and so on that complement the layout as well as leave as minimal a footprint as possible on that precious little space.

Here are some ideas to show you how you can turn your balcony space into something you can be proud of for years and years and to create an oasis retreat.

Vertical Balcony Garden

A vertical garden is the best way to effectively utilize every inch of your balcony space.

Following ideas will help you to optimize space for your balcony garden.

  • Arrange clay pots one above each other using threaded steel and fasteners
  • Use racks to keep pots to use lot of vertical space
  • Wooden pallets can be used to hang pots on them and grow plants in its narrow space
  • You can even use PVC pipes to grow plants, which is termed as gutter gardening

Hanging Tire Planters

If you are looking for unique and enchanting ideas for your balcony garden, then ‘Hanging Tire Planters’ is perfect.

Follow these steps to give a great visible aspect to your garden.

  • Find a tire that is big enough to hold soil for plants
  • Clean its dirt and wash with soap
  • Paint it with primer and spray some coats of suitable coloured paint
  • Make drainage holes
  • Fill it with high-quality potting mix
  • Chose the plants and plant them
  • Hang it in a right spot

Zen Balcony Garden

A Zen garden can spruce up your small balcony with sands or gravel, rocks, and boulders. Plus its low maintenance cost and small space utilization make it urban dweller’s favorite idea.

Follow these steps for designing a zen garden in your balcony:

  • Have mold for sand
  • Rake the sand
  • Use stones and pebbles
  • Add Zen features such as a stone lamp or a statue
  • Add plants
  • Place lights

Tip 1– The pots in a Zen garden should be invisible and the plants must look as if they grow from beneath the sand.

Tip 2- The colour of plants can be green or white.

When it comes to your apartment balcony, the most important thing you need to know, it should be your happy space. If you would like to buy a ready to occupy flat with a beautiful balcony, feel free to visit SAHomes, one of the leading Builders in Palakkad.

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