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How to Upgrade Your Bedroom on A Budget

by SA Homes, Posted on

Bedrooms are often considered the most comforting area of your home and why not? It is the only part of our home that solely belongs to you, more like your own kingdom This is your very own domain where you can nap away, catch up on your favorite book and mess up as you please. But sometimes, you get frustrated or simply bored with your room. Moreover, research suggests that the vibe of your bedroom does have a massive effect on your emotions and mood. So in case you are feeling irksome when you head back to your bedroom after a long day, it’s time to give it a makeover!

Revamping your room doesn’t always mean shelling out a lot of money. It doesn’t always have to burn a hole in your pocket, you can upgrade your bedroom on a budget with these tip from the top builders in Palakkad, SA homes.

  1. Clean out the clutter
    Cleaning out all the clutter in your room actually creates more space. Clear out all the clutter you have on the tables and shelves in your room and do away with all the unnecessary knick-knacks tabletop ornaments. Try to keep the decor on a minimal, this creates more of an open aura in your room. A cleaner and decluttered room in itself feels fresh and more spacious.
  2. Get new sheets
    This is one of the easiest things you can do to change the feel of your room. Simply, switch out your bedsheets and pillowcases and spread out a freshly laundered set or even better, get new ones altogether. Fresh new sheets add color to your room and bring in a sense of vitality to your space.
  3. Add plants to your room
    Small potted plants on your window sill make a huge difference to your room. A fancy or earthy looking pot can help transform your favorite nook of your room and add some color to it!
  4. Add and remove decor elements
    Certain decor elements need to go if you want to make space for new ones. Stash away the old painting and put in a sculpted wall mirror instead, you could also add decorative pots to your windows or tabletops if you aren’t too keen on getting a plant. Add a couple of pillows and cushions to your bed to add a pop of color. Make sure you get rid of all the unwanted furniture and invest in ones that are multifunctional instead.
  5. Change the lighting
    Get a new lamp shade, get a new colored bulb or simply add string lights to your room. Go ahead and light it up!

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