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Top Tips to Deep Clean Your Apartment

Cleaning up your place is probably an everyday ritual but does the thought of deep cleaning your apartment give you about of jitters? Unless, yes, you are obsessed with a bright apartment and deep cleaning is your second nature! Irrespective of the category you group yourself in, we have several handy tips lined up for you, to help you deep clean your apartment without breaking a sweat! (Not literally, sweating is a given when it comes to all the elbow grease! 😉 )

The best builders and developers in Palakkad, bring you top tips to deep clean your apartment.

Let’s deal with it room wise-

Did you know that a kitchen is the dirtiest areas in your apartment? Food bacteria is what puts your kitchen on top of the list and here’s how you can deal with them-

Stove: Spray your stovetops with vinegar/water and scrub them clean. While you are at it, clean out the back panel and the knobs as well for a thorough clean up.

Oven: Remove the oven racks and clean them with soapy water. Clean the insides of the oven with a baking soda+water paste. Let it remain there for a couple of hours before you wipe it out with a clean cloth and water. The soap water removes food stains, and bacteria build up as well!

Refrigerator: Clear out all the food and beverages. Take out all the racks, draws and trays and wash them with lukewarm water and baking soda. This helps disinfect them and remove the grime and dirt as well. You can use the same solution to clean the insides of the fridge too. But do make sure you turn off your fridge first!

Countertops and sinks: Always use mild cleaning solutions on your countertops. You could top it off with a mild disinfectant solution. For your sinks, a spoonful of baking soda and vinegar should clear out clogged drains; you could clean the rest of the pan with soapy water.

GET YOUR GLOVES ON! Most harmful germs and viruses are lurking in there. Sanitize your countertops and sink with a disinfectant. Use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar for your bathtub(If you have one). Scrub the insides of your toilet seat with a toilet brush and toilet cleaner. Use all-purpose cleaners for your sink and floor tiles. Scrub them with warm water and brush for a sparkling finish.

Vacuum your room and upholstery to remove all the dust mites. Dust your windows and remove clutter from your coffee table or side stands. Dust ceiling fans or AC filters. Make sure you have your carpets vacuumed and shampooed for a fresher feel. For clean and shiny floors, first, sweep and then use a cute mop with a sturdy floor cleaner!

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